Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wow! What a weekend!

 We woke up Friday morning to a winter wonderland. It was all so beautiful and quiet.
There were about 4 inches on the ground and the trees, and it was still snowing.

I had a quick breakfast and went to the studio to work.
At 9:30 or so, the power began to hiccup on and off, making quilting on the longarm impossible. I decided to sew on Carolyn's quilt instead.

Welcome to the studio!

The view from my sewing area is a magical one
A few minutes of this hiccuping, then pfft. Power off. I figured it would be a short outage, so I sat by the window and read a couple of quilting magazines while I waited. Nothing happened. Yup. Power off.
Mr Wazoo and I met up in the house and made a plan. He brought in snow in a 5 gallon bucket and we set it in front of the fire to melt. Good for flushing toilets. I found the French press coffee pot and made us some coffee. We lit the fire and soon, the room was toasty and we were fine. Mr W grumbled about the lack of TV, but kept himself busy shoveling a space for Molly to do her business on, and making a path to the shed. I settled in to my hand sewing chair and began replacing blocks on a quilt I am repairing. When It got too dark to see, we turned on the lanterns. Mr W went to bed, grumbling. It was still snowing. 
Melting snow by the fire

The fire pit took on a comical look.

My car did, too.

Molly was ticked off...she does not like snow.
Saturday morning, it was up to 12 inches on the ground,still snowing and still no power. We prepared to repeat the previous day's chores when, poof!, we had power. 24 hours had passed, and we were okay. I chose to decorate a bit, then head down to the studio.

Santas and snowmen!
Our first tree when we moved here was a live tree. Mr W planted it in the yard, and we have lit it up each year.
Its so cute!
The garden is buried!
Gray skies and more snowfall

It finally stopped at a bit over 12 inches, and the sun came out. Mr W went out to play, and I went to work in the studio.

Isn't it pretty?
You can just feel the cold!
Carolyn's quilt is almost done. I just need to do the binding.
Panto:Feather flourish
The backing is Eclectic Elements, too.
I also quilted this comfort quilt
Panto: Dazzle
I cut and sewed this I Spy quilt for Dechen. I'll probably add a border and quilt it in the next couple of days.

Some of the snow melted in the sunshine yesterday and again today, and we have returned to normal; watching Christmas movies and flushing toilets with wild abandon. Sometimes, though, it is good to slow down and enjoy the quiet and the less frenzied pace. I even researched a Janome treadle machine! It would have been nice to sew and still look out and see the wonder of nature.
I enjoy winter, and that is one of the major reasons we chose to move here. I'll be back on schedule, teaching the block of the month tomorrow, and hosting the guild Christmas party on Tuesday. Until then, I'll enjoy one last look at the mountains in the snow.

Keeping track of the weather while checking out the Janome treadle machine on the laptop.

Sunset. Less snow, but still pretty.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Studio work

Mr Wazoo stayed in the man cave yesterday and quilted up a storm! Here are the results of his labor.

He quilted two of this Olivia quilt.

Both are done with the panto: Quirky

I quilted this pretty pastel quilt

Panto: Frolic

This fun Pickles quilt is so cute!

Panto: Modern twist
I worked the entire day on tee shirt quilt number three. It is finished and ready for binding! Yippee!!

I finished quilting at 6 pm and left the trimming and binding until today.

Panto: Diamond spiral

Swirly backing
My daughter in law is visiting her family in Japan with my grandson. They took a day trip to Monkey Mountain, a place we visited before the kids were married! He seems fascinated.

Soon they'll be here for Christmas! I'm getting excited.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

19 days left and I'm feeling the pinch

I started early, and finished late. I think this will be the norm until Christmas, which is only 19 days away. Mr W sent off the pre-Christmas goodies to the kids as well as the grandkid's Christmas gifts. Only little Dechen will be here for the holiday. The mail man and the UPS man both had packages for us...more quilts to be done, and the backings for the second tee shirt quilt and Carolyn's quilt.
I worked all day on tee number two, and here are the prepped blocks on the design wall.

Tomorrow, I'll start adding the sashing.
Here is tee number one, all finished and ready for Christmas.

This is a better look at the inner border and the binding.

The backing is cherry Grunge.

Panto: Diamond spiral
Remember the last minute Christmas quilts I took in yesterday? The big one needed 6 inches added to the side so I could get the clamps on. The length was a squeaker, too!! I almost didn't have enough there either. I had one inch to spare!! Please!! Make your backs big enough for the longarm quilters out there. We'll love you for it.

At 107 x 107, this is one big quilt! It really is beautiful. The customer made it in a local quilt shop's block of the month class.

It was so late, I left the trimming to the morning.
Panto: Come dance with me

I started the quilting at ten minutes to 2:00 and finished at 6:15!! Each row took 30 minutes to quilt. Wow! The machine will get a much deserved break tomorrow. The customer will be thrilled to get her quilts back so quickly.
Now, I'm going to vegetate to a Christmas flick and go to bed early. I'm pooped!!

Tee shirt mania!!

Yesterday, good to my word, I worked on tee shirt quilt number two. By 6:00 quitting time, it was ready for the quilting!

Figuring out placement on the design wall

Sashing and borders on. I added a small striped inner border for pizzazz!

Ready for quilting today!
One of our favorite customers came yesterday with two quilts for Christmas. One is huge and requires some construction on the back (too small) and the other was a soft, lovely, flannel lap quilt. Guess which one I did first...

It turned out soft and cuddly, which is what the customer requested.

Panto: Diamond spiral

Flannel backing, too!
The other quilt will have to wait. Today, I will be prepping shirts for number three. UPS sent a message that the backing will be here between 4 and 8pm. I hope that's correct, because I had to do a speed run to the fabric shop for the backing for number two! While I was gone, Mr W greeted the customers with the repair and tee shirt quilt number one. They were so pleased with them! Mrs Customer called me later in the evening to thank me for the beautiful quilt. I love the astonishment from customers who don't sew or quilt. She was amazed how good the kind of boring tee shirts looked in a quilt. Mission accomplished!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fun day Sunday

Work didn't get underway until 10:30 this morning. We had a leisurely breakfast before getting to the studio.
I started in with the tee shirt quilt, adding the vertical sashes and the border. Mr Wazoo was a sweetie and ironed the backing for me. I hate pressing wide backs...
The quilting moved quickly along, and I made the remaining blocks for Carolyn's quilt while the machine was working. By 2:00 The quilt was off the machine and trimmed. The binding was applied, and voila! Done deal.

I think gray sashing was the right choice for this quilt

Panto: Modern twist

Thanks for the ironing, Mr W.

Gray binding

Looking good.
Here is what tee shirt quilt number 2 looked like at 3:00.

A pile of shirts
By 6:00, it looked like this!

Tidy pile of blocks, all backed with interfacing and ready to sew into a quilt.
The final trimmings are in the background, on the table.

This is what you get from the shirts...

The initial trimmings

Pieces big enough, and without seams, to be used as rags.
I thought I had finished the mending on that quilt last night, but found a couple of holes in the front that I hadn't seen before. Rats!! I'll be doing those repairs tonight!

Last night's work. Not perfect, but fixed.

Same patch from the Front.
Mr W spent the day doing errands. He washed the car, went to the grocery store, and put up some more lights, this time in the back yard. He just loves to be outside when the weather is nice. By Wednesday, the weather man says it will all change. Cold snap on the way!