Wednesday, March 14, 2018

All kinds of fun!

Monday, it snowed!! Just in the air...not the sticking kind. I went to my Block of the Month class and there were only three students there. Sigh... I had done my homework and had the instructions for the last three blocks, and the parts to make them, so I sewed with the only person who stayed for the sewcial. We chatted and sewed, and finished our blocks. Next month, we put the quilt together. I may be there by myself, at the rate I'm going!
In the studio, I quilted a baby quilt for a new Grandma. She did cross stitch on pre-quilted fabric and didn't know what to do to cover the back and finish the project. I think my solution turned out well. No batting (it was already in the fabric) some blue backing and a bit of quilting to hold it all together. I added bias binding (she had cut the piece with round corners) and voila! A beautiful baby quilt.

The customer did a beautiful job with the embroidery!

The quilting is simple, but does the job of holding the quilt together and keeping it flat. Pardon my fingers in the picture...I was trying to hold the bottom of the quilt up for you to see.

I quilted through the embroidery and around stars, moons and clouds, as well as feathers in the borders. Its not fingers are the culprit!
Today was the sew in at the quilt shop, and we made string blocks. Lots of string blocks! There was a nice group sewing and time passed quickly. By the time I got home, the new generator was hooked up and the power was back on. Mr Wazoo is a happy man now because we have a whole house generator for those times the power goes off.
At home, I got this modern quilt done and returned to the customer.

The customer sent Warm and White batting, and there was a real bearding problem on the black back. I changed the needle, and tried some anti-static spray, to no avail. Finally, I pulled the remaining quilt back, cut the white, added black batting by basting them together by hand, and continued the quilting without a single problem. Black backing is tricky. Even stable batting like Quilter's Dream will beard a bit. Black back, use black batting!

The customer chose Time Warp for her pantograph. It looks great on this modern quilt.

I touched up all the spots and the back looks perfect.
Mr Wazoo took advantage of the cold, rainy weather and quilted some customer projects, too.

This quilt has a long history! The customer has worked on it for three years...but only at the guild retreat! She made the back at the retreat last week, and now that its quilted, she joked that next year she will do the binding!

Panto: Flamingo Sunset

Mr W did a stellar job matching the front piecing to the back piecing.

This small baby quilt was the first for the Grandma-to-be. It is made from long staple organic Egyptian cotton fabric. Wow! All I know is that it has a soft hand and is smooth to touch.

I know the pictures are backwards from the usual, but the panto used is Daisy Swirl, done with a light peach thread.. Its a sweet flower and heart design.

I did manage to squeeze in the quilting on the charity quilt I made at retreat. I need to get the binding made and put on before the next guild meeting.

Panto: Flower Power
Tomorrow, Tim goes to SC to visit his Mom. I have to get my trunk show packed and ready for my appearance in Shelby, NC on Thursday. This week is a whirlwind of activity! I'll be back on Friday, ready to go to a fine-arts and crafts show in Cobb County Saturday morning. I had better get some sleep!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Back from retreat!

We all had a fun time in Toccoa, sewing and chatting. The WiFi was dismal, so I didn't attempt to post on the blog. I will just say I had a wonderful time and show you some of the things I got done.

I made two quilts like this one. One for Hugs and Kisses, and one for Heart to Heart.

I made 20 string blocks...and the bag I took the strings in is still full!!
We all helped the kids that were there with their mom, who sells homemade soaps, lotions and household products. The eldest daughter machine quilted the bed quilt she made from the fabric we all donated to her last year. She did a good job, and I helped her with the binding, sewing it down with invisible thread so the quilt would be finished and ready to use.
I also taught my one student the table runner, and made another one just like this one.

Now, I have two of these!
While I was off having a good time, Mr Wazoo was home quilting. He finished these quilts for a Florida customer, and two more for local ladies.

It may be 36 degrees outside, but this quilt makes me feel like Spring.

Panto: Hearts aflutter

Better seen from the back

This one is equally cheerful!

Panto: Daisy Swirl

This sampler is the customer's first quilt ever!! Good job!
Panto: Small Splat
I don't have a photo of the second quilt. Oops!
I was busy on two machines today, finishing the custom quilt on my Gammill and doing a pantograph on a tee shirt quilt with the APQS. I finished both of them after 6:00, so supper wasn't ready until 7:30! Its now 10:00 and I am pooped...still tired from retreat, I guess.


Nice backing, too.

Tee shirt quilt, the first quilt by this customer!

Panto: Dazzle

Soft flannel backing.

Fatigue has set in and I must go to bed. Until tomorrow, and more quilting with Wazoo.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Getting ready for retreat

Golly! I'm pooped already and I haven't left the house yet. I waited until the last minute again and had to sew like a mad woman to get my demo quilt made and my class sample ready. I also cut all the bits for another of the class project to make while I'm there and to demonstrate for my one student. Yup. One student. This time out, very few people signed up for classes. Kay and I are the only games in town at the retreat, and with one student, I don't have to use a classroom! We will sit together and sew like friends should.
I plan to take three of my strip bins and make some string blocks. I will probably take a nap, too.

My class sample Dimensional Flying Geese table runner
Hot off the presses. ha ha

I made this quilt and quilted it for my demo of how to add binding invisibly

Panto: Flower Power

The backing. And the binding sewn to the back. Hmmm...

Now, I just have to pack, pack my sewing supplies, get some snacks, go to the ATM and go to Toccoa! Hooray! I'll see you all in three days.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Today is going to be a busy day at Wazoo. There is a customer coming this afternoon with a donation of about a dozen quilt tops for the guild. She and her friend are anxious to see the studio and the longarm machines. I just hope it doesn't take hours out of my quilting time...
I am two rows down with the background quilting on the applique quilt, and a bit into the third row. Its a slow process, but fun to do. I just crank up the music and relax and quilt! Here is yesterday's progress.

After some breakfast, and some Ibuprofen, Molly and I will be back in the studio. Mr.Wazoo will be outside, doing what he loves best. The weather is perfect for yard work  with the high temperature in the 60s. Cool and sunny. I suspect he will be a dirtball by the end of the day!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Great progress!

It has been a long, but successful day. I started bright and early. put on some Ed Sheeran, and stitched in the ditch. For eight and a half hours! The task is done, and tomorrow, I start the quilting. Yippee!!

For this quilt, I am using my Gammill. It is my most trustworthy machine.

At quitting time (Miller time for some...) Mr Wazoo came around to admire the work I'd done. This is the last row.

I took a photo of each row as I rolled it back to the top.

Every row is as stunning as the one before!

Stitching around all the applique was tedious, but very rewarding. The elements all pop up nicely.

The top row, ready for quilting.

Don't you love this house made of pencils?!
I make the change from invisible thread to Superior So Fine in the morning, and get the quilting started!

A new start

When I get a quilt like this one, I do my homework and make a plan before starting. This quilt is so beautiful, it is intimidating to quilt, but the way to conquer that is to start with stitch in the ditch while preparing for the finer quilting. That's what I did yesterday afternoon. I started.

This is a monumental applique project. I'm sure it took years to complete.

The fabric selections are exciting and beautiful.

And all those circles!...

Tiny details like this ladybug make it a treat to look at.
I had better get my big girl pants on and get to the quilting! Stay tuned.